Next-Gen Skin Shaders [AI*HS2] BETA v1.85 (Free)

644 ratings
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Next-Gen Skin Shaders [AI*HS2] BETA v1.85 (Free)

644 ratings

New Skin & Face Shaders + textures, aiming to improve the visual look and provide realistic skin shading for your characters. Contains zipmod + Graphics presets. This mod intended to work with Graphics plugin ONLY, which means it's won't work with DHH. Also, it supports only directional light, so you have at least one in your scene to work.

Releasing the shader free for everyone, plus the ASE sources are available

on my Github page.

From this version the shader will be completely separated from the skin textures excluding the SubsurfaceAlbedo and Nailsmask textures, they still will be in the shader section. All body and face textures moved to the new project.

This shader mod alone fully supports any other skin mods. I recommend trying my Next-Gen Skin Textures. That was originally designed to work with it.


Main Features:

  • Screen-Space Subsurface Scattering
  • Skin Transmission
  • Subsurface layer
  • Dual-lobe specularity
  • New Wetness Textures
  • Compatible with custom skin textures.
  • Reworked the texture scheme, now all additional maps separated from the OcclusionMap and work independently from the chosen skin in the char maker. This means it's now should load and save the cards correctly. So, should work correctly with any other skin mods.



How to use:

  • Extract into the game folder, replace Graphics.dll if you already have it.
  • Deactivate DHH or remove it from the plugins folder or F1 menu.
  • Open Material Editor, change skin and face shaders to Hanmen/Next-Gen, Open Graphics plugin (F5) and turn on SSS checkbox, or load the preset.
  • Note that I recommend starting with some of my presets. SSS-00-ACES or SSS-00-HDR. Works best with these presets.


Before asking questions please ensure that you placed the HS2Graphics.dll in the BephinEx/plugins/Graphics folder. And make sure there is no old version with no or empty SSS tab.

This mod is in BETA stage currently, so you can expect to have some bugs. If you find new problems please report.


  • Not displaying correctly in the mirrors.
  • Not support shadows from other non-SSS characters, and vanilla clothing.


  • Special Thanks to Ore, Essu, Hooh & OrangeSpork for the integration help.


v1.85 (19/03/2021)

  • Fixed the body neck seam.
  • Removed BumpMap3 and BumpScale3. Merged with BumpMap.

v1.8 (27/11/2020)

  • New SSA texture.
  • New Veins Map.
  • New Thickness map.
  • New _BumpMap3 and _BumpScale3 options containing separate detail bump on the body shader.
  • New _MakeUpGlossPower feature. Helps to increase the lip, eyeshadow, cheeks, bodypaint glossiness, and metallic levels. By default is set to 4, which is close to the vanilla shader. Also helps to reduce and prevent the necks seams.
  • Moved secondary specular map from the occlusion map Blue channel to the Red channel, now refers to the original specular map.
  • Minor tweakings and changes of the default ME values.

v1.7 (27/11/2020)

  • Added _VeinsOpacity slider for adjusting the veins textures. (Subsurface texture alpha channel).
  • Modified shader to provide a more precise subsurface nipple texture position.
  • Added _SubNipColor value for adjusting the subsurface nipple texture.
  • New high-quality 4K normal map + 4K SpecularMap for the face.
  • Added _EyebrowGloss for adjusting the eyebrow glossiness level.
  • Modified Dual Lobe specularity function, now it has separated texture (FACE_OCC_BC7 blue channel) to provide more realistic results.
  • Minor adjustments for the ME shader presets.
  • Added 2 new presets (SSS-00-ACES, SSS-01-HDR)

v1.6: (18/11/2020)

  • Minor seams fix. Added DetailUV property for adjusting the detail scale.
  • Minor face occlusion texture fix.
  • Added new Next-Gen Teeth shader.
  • Added new Next-Gen Tongue shader.

v1.51: (07/11/2020)

  • Minor eyebrow normal map & UV fix.

v1.5: (02/11/2020)

  • Fixed the eyebrows position bug. Now fits perfectly with all cards.
  • Added dual lobe specularity function Controlled by _SecondaryGloss, _SecondaryGlossPower.

v1.4: (22/09/2020)

  • Fixed the problem with SSS in the Main game.
  • Fixed the eyebrows brightness
  • Fixed the semen texture gloss & bump.

v1.3: (17/09/2020)

  • added Weathering (Semen) textures on the face, similar to the vanilla shader.
  • added Blush on the face functionality. Similar to the vanilla shader, the effect takes the action in H-Scenes automatically or can be controlled in the ME _Texture4Scale.

v1.2: (13/09/2020)

  • Hair shadows support. (Also shadows from other objects except for other vanilla characters and vanilla clothing shaders - those are in development yet)
  • Japanese localization support in the Graphics plugin settings.
  • Korean localization support in the Graphics plugin settings.

v1.1: (31/08/2020)

  • Chinese localization support in the Graphics plugin settings.
  • Fixed the bug with the eyebrows type 18-27 that causing dark face on the default character.
  • Fixed too strong glossiness on the eyebrows.
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