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Next-Gen Eyes 2

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This is a mod for Honey Select 2

Contains two eye shaders and new plugin. This version auto replaces the Next-Gen Eye Deepdive/Vanilla shaders.

Important Notice! Please read before buying.

This mod requires Next-Gen Shader 3.8 to work!

If you already bought any 3+ version before - please go to the Library and update. If you still don't have it - you'll get 50% OFF promo code for the latest Next-Gen Shaders 3.8 mod after you purchase this mod. Don't miss the chance to get it for 5$.

Discount is only for gumroad platform (patreon functionality currently not allows discount, sorry)


  • Promo code 50% off for Next-Gen Shaders 3.8
  • New 10 iris textures.
  • Full vanilla compatibility for seamless transactions. UV, Size, and other features.
  • Back compatibility with the previous Next-Gen Eyes ver.
  • Support Vanilla and Deepdive multicolored iris textures.
  • Now using Screen space SSS effect. (Required Graphics plugin)
  • Improved sclera bump.
  • Improved Iris occlusion.
  • New function sclerauv allows to change the UV scaling of the sclera textures.
  • New function SubsurfaceHue, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast for the Next-Gen Eyes Deepdive allows to change the iris color parameters.
  • New plugin that auto changes the eyeshadow and eyelash shader (required to work correctly with Graphics SSS).
  • Fixed bug that making the eyes glow or overlit in certain lighting conditions (Spotlights, Point lights).

How to use

  • Unzip the archive into the root game folder. (Note that it have a plugin HS2_NXTGShaderHelper.dll inside BepinEx/Plugins folder)
  • In the char creator, game or studio use Material Editor and change the eye shader to Hanmen/Next-Gen Eyes Vanilla or Deepdive depends which iris texture you want to use.

HSRendering users

  • If you're using HSRendering plugin you need to turn off S5 process to have SSS effect on the eyes.

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Next-Gen Eyes 2

8 ratings
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