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Next-Gen Shaders 3.9

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AiGirl & HoneySelect 2 MOD

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Core features

  • Lighting Pass shader update (applies to all Next-Gen shaders) allows to handle all types of shadows (Standard, Items, Map, Hairs, Clothings and Accessories). Material Editor v3.1.23+ (included) required to work!!!
  • Now correctly supports AlphaEx and tearing on the clothings when using Hanmen Clothing v 2.5+ shaders.
  • Supports colored Specular Occlusion.
  • New properties Subsurface Hue/Saturation/Brightness/Contrast for more flexible control of subsurface layer.
  • Lighting pass now blending correctly with the main specular layer, looking less oversaturated more natural and also providing more details, like eyeshadows, tattoos and so.
  • Now supports Deferred Pass, and can be used both with Forward/Deferred Rendering correctly.
  • Faster render times and less lag.
  • Specular Occlusion (similar to HDRP), which provides more natural lighting and less light leaks.
  • New separate Occlusion maps (OcclusionMap2) + BentNormal for head types 1,2,3,4 and each uncensor body types. I recommend to choose a shader accordingly to the head type and uncensor body you using. Next-Gen Body refers to Sac Innie 1 uncensor thats typically used by BetterRepack default.
  • New Next-Gen Dick shader for hooh scripted dick mods.
  • New Next-Gen Item shader you can use for every studio object, accessory, map and so. Actually I wanted to have a nice shader for organic studio objects like monsters, tentacles and even semen and blood liquids, leafs, rubber things and so.
  • Hair shader has been heavily revised, now have 2 versions - Bluenoise and Bayer dithering. still based on the Marschner and Kajiya Kay algorithm, but now have more compatibility with vanilla settings.
  • Hair Shader Swapper Plugin that can make your life easier. It allows to change and adjust all hair shaders on a character (even accessory hairs).

Pack includes

  • PROMO CODE 50% to Next-Gen Eyes Mod.
  • Hanmen/Next-Gen Body shaders + Futa shader
  • Hanmen/Next-Gen Face shaders. (Default,Type 1-4).
  • Hanmen/Next-Gen Hair Bayer
  • Hanmen/Next-Gen Hair Alpha (NEW)
  • Hanmen/Next-Gen Hair Bluenoise
  • Hanmen/Next-Gen Hair Tongue
  • Hanmen/Next-Gen Hair Teeth
  • Hanmen/Next-Gen Eyelash
  • Hanmen/Next-Gen Dick (NEW)
  • Hanmen/Next-Gen Item (NEW)
  • Hair Shader Swapper Plugin. May require HS2API.dll update. v1.34+
  • Preset for HS2 Graphics (NEXT-GEN-3-ACES)
  • Demo scenes for StudioNEOV2.
  • 2 chara cards used in the video for the reference.

Update 22/03/24

  • Added Next-Gen Body Futa shader for [Dainty] futa uncensor.
  • Fixed old CAB-string error.

Update 29/01/24

  • Updated Lighting Pass shader for upcoming Next-Gen Eyes 2.
  • Changed ProfileColor for skin shaders a bit.

Update 23/12/23

  • New hair shader - Next-Gen Hair Alpha.
  • Improved Deferred shading function. Now should be seamless transition between Forward non SSS/Deferred Non-SSS.
  • Fixed Eyebrow and pubic hair bug (example: roy12 Evelynn headmod bug).
  • Modified LightingPass Cutout shader according to Clothing/Anisotropic 3.0 - now keyword based.
  • Fixed clothing dithering in LightingPass shader.
  • Update HairShaderSwapper.dll - Now working in Studio.

Update 20/09/23

  • Render Queue fix (Hair Shaders)
  • Fix Hair keyword bug, preventing from switch dithering versions.
  • Small scale fixes for Lighting Pass shader.

Update 18/09/23

  • OcclusionMap2 inccorect color space fixed.
  • Body shaders Render Queues changed according to vanilla 2410
  • Fixed "Red shading" on Male Body and Face shaders.
  • Fixed "black skin bug" when turning off SSS. (All shaders)
  • GeometricSpecularAA + Keyword removed. (All shaders)
  • Added Specular Occlusion to spec channels. (All shaders)
  • Small scale fixes for Lighting Pass shader.

Update 02/08/23

  • TransShadow value changed from 0.75 - 1.0
  • Translucency adjustements.
  • Fixed eyebrows UV bug.

Update 31/07/23

  • Fixed _WetPussy function.
  • Fixed eyebrows normal map staying on the body while eyebrow alpha been set to 0.
  • Fixed lips transparency bug
  • Fixed Metallic bug that makes the tattos and paints compelete black when set to metallic.
  • Some values have been removed: _SpecColor1, _SpecMakeup, _SpecMap.
  • New translucency values: _TransmissionColor, TransAmbient 0 - 0.2, _TransRim 0 - 0.005
  • Body thickness map has been modified a bit.
  • New _Veinscolor value
  • New _HairThickness property
  • New DitherScale value 1.0 - 0.01
  • Hair _Wrap property has been exposed to HairShaderSwapper.

Update 23/07/23

  • Fixed transparent shadows support.

Update 14/07/23

  • Fixed black shading in the crotch area causing by Occlusion.

Update 12/07/23

  • Finally fixed an all point light and spotlight artifacts.

Update 11/07/23

  • Fixed bug with spotlights and point lights.
  • Temporary disabled shadows from transparent objects due to bug.

Update 10/07/23

  • Fixed manifest.xml issue with head shaders SubColor.

How to use

  • Unpack zip in the root folder with rewrite. (no need to delete old version).
  • Load scene, try my HS2 Graphics preset to see all features. Press F5 - Presets - NEXT-GEN-3-ACES.




  • Special thanks to KK modder Hanaa for taking my commissions for plugins.
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Next-Gen Shaders 3.9

114 ratings
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