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Toon Shaders v1.6 [AI*HS2]

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AiGirl & HoneySelect 2 MOD

New shader pack - Toon shaders for body/head/hair + clothing/accessory

Pack includes:

  • Hanmen/Toon Body/Toon Body (Cartoon) - shaders for body.
  • Hanmen/Toon Head/Toon Head (Cartoon) - shaders for the head.
  • Hanmen/Toon Hair Cutoff Outline - shaders for the hair. (NEW)
  • Hanmen/Toon Hair Alpha Blend (NEW)
  • Hanmen/Toon Hair Dithering Bayer (NEW)
  • Hanmen/Toon Hair Dithering Bluenoise (NEW)
  • Hanmen/Toon Clothing Cutoff - Cutoff/Opaque shader for the clothing.
  • Hanmen/Toon Clothing Alpha/Alpha Cutoff - Transparent shader for the clothing.
  • Hanmen/Toon Item Cutoff - Cutoff/Opaque shader for the accessory and studio items.
  • Hanmen/Toon Item Alpha - Transparent shader for the accessory and studio items.
  • Hanmen/Toon Eye - shader for eyes.
  • Hanmen/Toon Tongue - shader for tongue.
  • Hanmen/Toon Teeth - shader for teeth.

Main features:

Wide range of settings and customizations. Including:

  • Shading settings and color
  • Mapcaps
  • Simplified SSS (BRDF)
  • Outline
  • Rimlight
  • Tesselation


Based on UnityChanToonShader 2.0

How to use

  • Put .zipmod in /Mods folder
  • Change shaders for body, head, hair, clothing in MaterialEditor.


v1.6 - 18/02/2023 - cumulative update.

  • Hair shaders has been completely overhauled. Intruduced 4 new hair shaders - Hair Cutoff Outline, Hair Dithering Bayer, Hair Dithering Bluenoise, Hair Alpha Blend. Vanilla compatible. Now using matcap reflections, and matcap shading and translucency.
  • Fixed a huge BUG with the Toon/Body, Toon/Head shaders has been compiled with old version of the shader (v1.0) now it's up to date. So previous v1.5 fixes was not working.
  • Fixed Rimlight on backfaces bug on all cloth, item shaders.
  • Fixed wetness maps on body, head shaders.
  • Fixed transmission. Now it's rendered correctly.
  • Fixed transmission color on Toon/Head. Now has correct color. Previously was white.
  • Reduced the outline artifacts on the Head shader.
  • Changed the eye limbal ring texture to more smooth.
  • Added new feature for the hair: _BackFaceColor. RGB for color, Alpha for the strength controls.
  • Eye shader now have reflections: Reflection, ReflectionGloss, _ReflectionPower properties has been added.
  • Added new feature for the eye shader: _PupilOutline.
  • Added some new character cards for testing ad fixed the previous ones.
  • Small various fixes.
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Toon Shaders v1.6 [AI*HS2]

44 ratings
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