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Anisotropic Shaders 3.0 + Pantyhoses + Clothings (50% OFF)

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New mod for Honey Select 2 & AI Girl.

New shaders using custom lighting model allowing to make realistic fabric and other materials with anisotropy reflections. You can turn any clothing, accessory or item in the game to anisotropic.


  • Contains new 5 shaders for MaterialEditor:
    • Hanmen/Anisotropic Pantyhose
    • Hanmen/Anisotropic Clothes Cutoff
    • Hanmen/Anisotropic Clothes Alpha
    • Hanmen/Anisotropic Item Cutoff
    • Hanmen/Anisotropic Item Alpha
  • 8 New Pantyhoses (5 vanilla, 3 original) with pre-installed Anisotropic Pantyhose shaders.
  • 4 New Top section Leotards with realistic flat chest designs (steal the idea from Lowborn) +bodymask.
  • 4 New Inner section Leotards. (Since inner section clothing not allows to set Body Masks you can set the bodymask manually - go to body shader and insert AlphaMask texture).
  • Studio Items:
    • Pan (Anisotropic)
    • Frying Pan (Anisotropic)
    • Pot (Anisotropic)
    • Tape Recorder (Anisotropic)
    • Saw Disc (Anisotropic)
    • Vinyl Disc (Anisotropic)
  • Character and clothing cards.


  • Merged with Anisotropic Iridescent Shaders (Use IRIDISCENT_ON keyword for Iridescent effect)
  • Reworked Lighting Model. More accurate anisotropic effect.
  • Can switch between Specular and Metallic Workflow (SPECULARSETUP_ON keyword). Set SpecColor and increase Texture(Metallic) slider to see the effect.
  • New SpecularMap texture input if you need it for. Defines Specular Color by texture.
  • Some Alpha shaders changes are reverted. Removed ZWrite and Blend Modes, to prevent bugs.
  • Anisotropic Pantyhose Shader now have pre-installed TangentMap for better effect.
  • New feature CLEARCOAT_ON. Allows to have coating effect on surface. Clearcoat function can be applied to detail masks. Use Detail1Clearcoat, Detail2Clearcoat. Use GlossinessClearcoat to adjust coating smoothness.
  • Old feature Fuzz now moved to FUZZ_ON keyword. Allows to have sheen effect on surfaces.
  • New keyword DITHERSWITCH_ON Allows to switch between Cutoff/Dithering.
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Anisotropic Shaders 3.0 + Pantyhoses + Clothings (50% OFF)

17 ratings
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