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Rita Roseweisse Umbral Rose GIVEAWAY [HS2&AI]

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Rita goes free! Basically the full set of all items and accessories for free. Plus It's completely overhauled. New shaders and reworked color scheme, that supports wide range customization of the materials.

New Features:

  • Reworked color customization and textures. Now covers all main parts from maker + flowers color in ME.
  • New shader for pantyhouse with optical fresnel and full customization (Include Coloring, Opacity, Glossiness, Metallic).
  • Reworked character card for more closer look to original (Not perfect tho, cos the original is anime, feel free to change).
  • Reworked skirt dynamics. It's now using dynamic bones for bow and skirt for jiggling animations. Good for MMD.
  • Added extra full laced gloves, for lace lovers.
  • New wetness system. This costume supports realistic wetness and also supports juice textures. Feel free to check the wetness slider in the Studio.

To avoid any bugs, replace or remove all other previous versions of this mod (free or paid).

  • Paid version of this mod has been removed, if you still want to support my work please use a custom price.

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Rita Roseweisse Umbral Rose GIVEAWAY [HS2&AI]

206 ratings
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