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Clothing Shaders for ME [AI*HS2] v2.6

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This is the exact copy of AIT/Clothing True AIT/Item shaders with some additional features and fixes. You can use it in the game or for modding HS2 in Unity for your mods.

New features (not present in vanilla shaders):

  • Deferred Rendering support. GTAO, SEGI, other screenspace effects that require Deferred Pass.
  • New Wetness function (ExGloss) with the HQ textures. Remember, that the wetness transparency relies on OcclusionMap alpha channel to work, not all clothing in the game actually has it. So if you want to add wetness transparency to the clothing, you need to bake it by yourself and then composite it to the OcclusionMap alpha channel.
  • Working correctly with my Next-Gen Skin shaders shadowcasters. While vanilla AIT shaders do not casting shadows on NG shaders this shaders fixing this issue. For the Studio Items you can use Hanmen/Item shaders.
  • Alpha Fresnel settings (Alpha shaders only).
  • Blend modes for Alpha shaders - BlendSCR/BlendDST. You can check the documentation for this here:,
    the defaults set to 11\5 - but you can get nice results with 4\7.

Sources for Unity (only if you want to make a MOD):

Update 19/07/23:

  • Deferred Rendering support for Hanmen/Clothes Cutoff, Hanmen/Item Cutoff. Now supports GTAO. Note that Translucency functions will be disabled when using Deferred Rending.
  • fixed Item shaders MetallicGlossMap bug, now refers to vanilla.

Update 13/07/23:

  • Fixed Item Cutoff bug with Next-Gen 3.

Update 10/07/23:

  • Update manifest.xml for Next-Gen Shader 3 compatibility.

Update 09/03/23:

  • Tweaked Translucency code and manifest.xml values to default.
  • new property: _TransmissionStrength has been added.
  • Tweaked _BluenoiseDither value, which was causing the problems with other mods that was made with my shaders. Set it to 0 by default.

Update 07/03/23:

  • New Alpha system, hopefully fixes all issues.
  • Built-in Weathering texture has been AI upscaled to 2K.
  • Weathering system now providing smooth transition between weathering levels.
  • new property: _WeatheringUVSeed for randomize the position of cum texture.
  • new property: _WeatheringEmission now adds a little glow to improve the cum look in the darker scenes.
  • new property: _NormalBackDirInvert. Previously this caused some bugs, now it's optional and used only for physical clothing.
  • Unity shaders: the shader core has been split into separate AIT Clothing function and AIT Clothing Alpha.

Update 04/03/23:

  • Fixing small alpha artifacts

Update 02/03/23:

  • Reworked Wetness, new texture.
  • Reworked Cloth tearings.
  • Reworked alpha system, basically fixed some sorting issues for Alpha shader.
  • Introduced the AIT Clothes function for ASE.
  • Renamed BumpScale to Float0 in Alpha shaders.

Update 24/02/23:

  • Fixed Detail Normal Maps scale height position - according to AIT references.
  • Added Detail samplers - forcing them to use trillinear filtering making look more clean and smooth. From now on, using custom detail textures from ME won't be causing hard aliasing artifacts.
  • Added the Translucency's thickness texture (MetallicGlossMap B) according to AIT references.
  • Renamed BumpScale to Float0 according to AIT reference.
  • Renamed DetailOcclusionScale to DetailOcculusionScale according to AIT references.
  • Renamed DetailOcclusion2Scale to DetailOcculusion2Scale according to AIT references.
  • Reworked OcclusionDetail - fixed bug with empty detail textures.

Update 17/02/23:

  • Fixed normals direction on backsides.
  • Fixed detailNormalMap 1,2 scaling and direction to match vanilla shaders.

Update 16/02/23:

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Clothing Shaders for ME [AI*HS2] v2.6

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