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Next-Gen Shaders 2.0 [AI*HS2] FREE

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New major features in v2.0:

Includes free updates up to v3.0. Also includes 50% the discount code to the latest costume mod.

  • Reworked wetness system: now using separate 4K-8K RGB texture for the wetness, now works like 4 separate layers - Basic Skin wetness level, Streaks layer, Drops layer, Splats layer. Each wetness layer can be separately adjusted. Drops layer using procedural generation so can be customized size and amount for better randomization.
  • Introduced the wetness mask (WetBump G channel), which can be used for making partial wetness. By default it's covering the whole body.
  • Also, the ExGloss master slider now provides a smooth transition from 0 to 1. Can be used for making slight wetness or full wetness.
  • The wetness system from now on relies on PBR specular colors, which brings more realistic effects.
  • Streaks and drops levels have separate bump profiles, instead of a flat gloss.
  • Wetness system now can affect the albedo, By default, it's using _WetColor 0 alpha value for making a transparent water effect. WetColor value can be used to make colored liquids, like blood, milk or so. To activate set WetColor alpha to 1 and adjust the RGB values.
  • Implemented Male versions of the body and face shaders, using separate male versions of the subsurface albedo texture and Thickness. The male face shader now fully supports the mustache textures. So beards and facial hairs are working correctly now.
  • Introducing the Next-Gen Hair shader. New hair shader using the most accurate lighting model for the hairs, based on Kajiya-Kay & Marschner models instead of the Standard shader model. This brings the true anisotropic specular reflections. They now support multiple light sources. Still in the early stage tho, and the functionality can be updated in future updates.
  • Next-Gen Eyelash shader. Based on new hair shader. Basically I made this to get rid of the shadows problem with the standard eyelash shader.
  • Updated Subsurface textures.
  • Optimized the textures, from now on, Thickness Map (TransmissionMap) moved to the separate texture for optimization purposes, now using less memory by moving back to vanilla NailMask texture.
  • Thickness Map has been reworked a bit in-ears area, providing a more natural and realistic transmission.
  • internal LightingPass shader from now on moved from the Graphics.dll to the separate bundle, and no longer depends on the Graphics plugin version.
  • Since OrangeSpork Graphics fork fixed the layers and SSS profile options the shader now correctly reacts to separate SSS profiles.
  • Release includes some of my scenes and also presets to test. Ignore the errors.

Roadmap to 3.0

  • Next-Gen Dick shader for the hooh dicks mod.
  • New Cum textures (Weathering rework).
  • More hair shaders dithering variations.
  • And many more.


  • Material Editor - the latest is better.
  • AIAPI.dll / HS2API.dll


  • Special Thanks to Ore, Essu, Hooh & OrangeSpork for the integration help.

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Next-Gen Shaders 2.0 [AI*HS2] FREE

292 ratings
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